Quality Assurance

It is our goal to meet and even exceed the high expectations of our customers.

Quality assurance at Jäckel + Co. Edelstahl Metalltechnik GmbH

“We attach particular importance to meeting deadlines and providing all agreed upon services, because we know that quality, service readiness and price are closely related and form the basis for high customer satisfaction.”
Michael Jäckel (Quality Management Representative)

The prerequisite for such quality is the continuous improvement of our products and services as well as a high-performance, cost-effective quality management system. The definition of our quality policy is of great importance to sustainably safeguard our company. We are convinced that the quality of our products and services plays a decisive role in our increasingly demanding market and contributes significantly to the successful development of our company

This enables us to be approved for EN 9120, which includes ISO 9001, so that we are authorized to supply to the aerospace industry.

Interdisciplinary Quality Assurance

Die Qualitätssicherung in der Hammerschmiede Jäckel Essen GmbH

The management and head of quality assurance ensure that all employees know and implement the quality policy of our company.
Promoting the quality awareness of each individual employee is a management task. For this reason, the management obliges all employees to carry out all activities in accordance with the established quality management system. In addition, quality is further developed by all employees in all areas on their own responsibility.

Quality is visible in every step of our work and has top priority. We set strict requirements for product quality, documentation, on-time delivery and traceability. These criteria form the basis for evaluating our suppliers and ensuring compliance with our self-imposed high standards. (This enables us to be approved for EN 9120, which incorporates ISO 9001, so that we are authorized to supply to the aerospace industry).