We are a trading company with a long tradition, founded in 1979 by Erich Jäckel and currently managed in the third generation by his granddaughter. What started with a small distribution of stainless steel in Frankfurt am Main has now grown into one of Europe's leading specialists in the special materials sector.

Lagersortiment der Jäckel + Co. Edelstahl Metalltechnik GmbH

Stock Assortment

We stock an extensive inventory of rods, tubes and tube accessories in nickel-based alloys, pure titanium, titanium alloys as well as special steels.

Factory Warehouse

Our range at the Schöneck warehouse is supplemented by our factory warehouses. This enables us to supply materials in all imaginable shapes and dimensions at short notice. Due to our excellent contacts to recognized manufacturers we can furthermore offer materials from new production.

Werkslager der Jäckel + Co. Edelstahl Metalltechnik GmbH
  • NiFe alloys
  • Special steels
  • Nickel alloys
  • Nimonic® alloys
  • Refractory materials
  • Pure titanium
  • Titanium alloys
  • Surgical steels

Materials marked with ® are protected brand names of the manufacturing plants.