We are specialized in nickel-based alloys. In these special materials, we can also offer you complete packages of rod stock, tubes, tube accessories, forgings and sheet metals.

Our customer base is not limited to countries of the European Community - we also supply overseas and to Asia. Customers can be found in the chemical industry, plant and apparatus engineering, the automotive industry, aerospace and medical technology. Furthermore, our company is a competent partner for measurement and control technology.

Company history

My grandfather Erich Jäckel grew up in the industry. When the company for which he had worked many years began to dissolve, he decided without further ado to become self-employed. Of course, it took quite a bit of courage to go fully into self-employment, but after all, this commitment also means realizing one's own ideas and visions. One is able to implement everything one could only dream of as an employee...

My grandfather managed to do it; in 1979 he founded his own company in Frankfurt. He started with three employees, all competent specialists in the field of stainless steel and special alloys. My father took over the company after "the Commander" -- as the inner circle called my grandfather -- could not participate any more for health reasons at the age of 91. In 2015, my father went into well-deserved retirement, so that I now run the company in the third generation. During this time we have managed to become one of the leading specialists in the special materials sector in Europe.

JES at work