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Quality assurance

The commitment to our quality policy is significantly important in order to secure our company sustainably. In doing so the quality requirements of our customers are at the centre of our activities which means the top priority of JES is to supply high-grade products. Moreover, we place great importance on keeping to deadlines and improving performance. We know that quality, competent assistance and price are closely related and therefore provide the basis for a high level of customer satisfaction.

This requires continuously refining our products as well as having an efficient and economical quality management system. We are able to assure, extend and guarantee the quality requirements on our products by means of specific investments at a practical level and in order to support the quality assurance standards.

We are convinced that quality will play a pivotal role in the increasingly demanding market and will decisively contribute to the progress of our company. Our business management and our Head of Quality Management make sure that the employees know the company’s quality policy and put it into practice. It is the responsibility of the management to promote the awareness of quality. Therefore the management requires its employees to carry out all their tasks according to the quality system. In addition, all employees can take responsibility to improve the quality in all fields by themselves.

This is proven by our certificate according to EN 9120 which includes the ISO 9001:2015.

DIN EN 9120   Certificate Rolls Royce
DIN EN 9120   Certificate Rolls Royce
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