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Jäckel + Co. Edelstahl
Metalltechnik GmbH

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Jäckel + Co. Edelstahl Metalltechnik GmbH

Welcome to Jäckel + Co. Edelstahl Metalltechnik GmbH, your stockist and distributor in anticorrosive, wear and heat resistant materials.

Warehouse in Schöneck   Factory warehouses   Quality assurance
Warehouse in Schöneck

We are specialized in nickel-based alloys, pure titanium and special steels. The product range at our site in Schöneck includes bars, tubes, pipes and a great variety of accessories. Our competent logistics partners can deliver these items quickly.
  Factory warehouses

Our suppliers´ factory warehouses complement our range of goods at the warehouse in Schöneck. Therefore we are able to supply materials of all shapes and dimensions at short notice. In addition, we can offer items from new production due to good contacts with reputable manufacturers.
  Quality assurance

In 1998, we introduced a quality management system that we have developed further and applied effectively. Furthermore, we have the aviation certification in line with the assessment standard EN 9120 as well as the approval to supply Rolls Royce, Germany.
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Acceptance tests performed by the German Technical inspection association (TÜV Hessen) and arrangement of re-stamping.

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Company history

For more than 25 years we have been your competent supplier of high-quality special alloys.
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